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Equinegenomics is working side by side with Veterinary surgeons, equine professionals and horse owners to improve the health and performance of their horses. Leading edge science incorporating equine gene expression profiling or transcriptome profiling is providing detailed information in relation to genes, their expression and how this expression is affecting the health and performance of the horse.

We appreciate that horse owners require concrete results which is why we are committed to using cutting edge technology and solutions to provide individual information for each horse. Equinegenomics provides scientific information to enable the implementation of targeted nutrition, fitness and performance, recovery, digestion, inflammation, detoxification, oxidative stress, cognitive function, temperament, anxiety, aggression and pain sensitivity.

Whilst the horse reference genome is available there has been no large functional annotation. Therefore, Equinegenomics has taken a novel approach to increase our understanding and to build a platform upon which we can assist veterinary surgeons, equine professionals and horse owners in a more informative manner. Equine species comprising four horse breeds have been RNA-sequenced. Equine genomics has reference sequences which have enabled us to obtain a Complete Gene List for each equine breed, gene ontology, and dataset of single nucleotide polymorphisms. The horse breeds that RNA-sequencing has been performed on are; Thoroughbred, Quarter horse, Standard Bred and Warmblood.

Profiling In Brief
For more in depth information please refer to the TESTING section of the website.

Gene expression profiling or transcriptome profiling is a study of your horse's genome in relation to the genes that are being expressed in the moment in time. So it's a snapshot of the genes being expressed. For example, analysis of your horse pre and post exercise enables understanding of the genes that are being triggered by exercise. If these genes are pro-inflammatory then a targeted approach can be employed to improve the recovery of your horse.

Faecal analysis profiling of your horses bowel flora will provide you as the horse owner or veterinarian with a greater understanding of the bowel flora which is indicative of the health and well-being of your animal.

Equine Nutritional Program enables a personalised nutritional plan to be developed for your horse based on either DNA changes, faecal analysis or both. The DNA changes that we look at have known gene expression effects. So for example we know if genes are turned on or turned off in your horse. From there we can develop a strategy to provide and intervention and further monitoring to improve performance.